Sunday, February 3, 2008

Organized Sewing Room by The_Seamstress

Posted by TheSeamstress: I got fed up with just sewing out of a roll-out/fold-away-desk ... so, I took over an "extra" room ... It was small, so it got filled up very fast ...I got fed up again.I emptied the room, made new desks & shelves, put it all back ...NOW, it's fine. =) I just hope we don't have to move anytime soon! (this is a 12'by12' room)


Kell said...

Hello oh my heaven! Can I live in there. I promise you dont have to feed me!!!

Maison said...

congrats on your organization, one day my sewing room will look like that too. Silvia

teresajoy said...

I wish this were mine! But, it is a friend of mine!