Thursday, February 7, 2008

Layered Tulle Dress by a Diser (if this is yours, please post!)

I took my daughter's waist measurement and
doubled it for the width of the skirt, then I
measured how long I wanted it and cut my
fabric, adding enough for seam allowances on
both sides and the top and bottom (add enough
for elastic casing.)
Then I sewed up the sides and hemmed the
Next, I cut the tulle to the length I wanted (a
few inches shorter than the skirt) then I
gathered the tulle and sewed it a couple inches
from the top of the skirt. I drew a line with
sewing chalk for placement.
Next, I cut the top fabric a couple inches shorter
than the tulle, lined up the raw edges of the top
and bottom fabric, folded over for the elastic
casing and sewed that, leaving an opening to
thread the elastic through, then thread the
elastic and sew up the opening.

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