Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lisa Zoe Stripwork skirt Directions

Originally Posted by tadamom
I have a question for you....when you make your strips for the skirt is the top of your strips narrower than the bottom? If so what measurements do you use? TIA

Answer by LisaZoe:

I make mine wedge shaped rather than rectangles. What I did was use the markings on my cardboard cutting board (the kind that's about $15 and folds out to about the size of a twin size mattress). It has a section with curved lines that make up a wedge of a circle. I decide the approximate size I want for the top of the wedge and start there to make the wedge the desired length. For these, the bottom width of the wedge is about three times that of the top. I like doing wedges because it allows for a lot more twirl at the bottom without having a lot of gathered fabric where it attaches to the bodice. I've created a few wedge "templates" to use so I use fabric as efficiently as possible. Here's an example of how they'd be layed out on a length of fabric. Of course, it doesn't work out as well with fabric that has an obvious direction to the print.

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