Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easy Beret Project

From Sew What's New

The beret is the perfect choice for those not quite ready for a big hat. Simple line and classic styling suit everyone. Any coating, fleece or velvet will be fine.
You will need 16" by at least 32" of fabric. Ribbing 4 1/2" by 18". Apleasing contrasting colour of ribbing looks better than a poor colourmatch. Neutrals can pull an outfit together.
1. Cut two large circles 13" in diameter, put one aside and cut a smaller 7" circle out of the centre of the second circle. Now you have one in a donut shape.
2. Place the two circles right sides together, sew around outside edge in 1/4" seam allowance.
3. Turn work right side out. Topstitch carefully around outer edge, this will keep the outer edge from having a rippled effect.
4. Cut ribbing 4 1/2" by 18". Stitch ends together, fold in half and sew to hat. Stretching ribbing evenly to fit. Embellish with your favourite pin and wear proudly. Machine embroidery could also come into play here.


Chris said...

WOW!!! Love these super simple instructions.

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