Friday, March 21, 2008

Jham's 30 Minute Skirt (including math time)

Here is my easiest ever skirt (30 minutes including math!), I'm sure some of you have made it before, it is not exactly genious. And here is the "recipe":Figure out how long you want it (in this case it was 20"), subtract 3" for the border strip, then add 1 3/4" for casing and seam allowances and cut that length the width of your fabric (45") so in this case I cut 18 3/4". I cut a strip of the border fabric 6 1/2"X 45", folded it in half, wrong sides together. I ironed it, then laid it on top of the right side of my big piece, raw edges lined up, then stiched a 1/4" seam allowance, serged my seam, turned serged edge up towards main body of skirt and topstitched it, then stitched the one side seam. I then serged the top edge of the fabric, or you can turn it under 1/4", then I turned it under about another 1 1/4 inch, then stitched around making a (1") casing, leaving an opening for my elastic, then threaded through some 3/4" elastic, sewed the ends together and stitiched my casing closed. Now I just need to make the peasant top to match! I like how it turned out! I only needed a tad over 1/2 yard of fabric for the skirt (could've made it with 1/2 yard) and 1/4 yard for the contrasting border.

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