Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pettiskirt by LouiesMama

I've never actually seen a pettiskirt in real life, so I just sort of guessed on the dimensions. Basically, the one I made is 2 layers, 3 tiers each (2" ruffle tier and two 6" tiers) with a ribbon waistband. I just cut 5 yards of tulle (I think it was 60" wide, but I'm not positive) into 6 inch and 2 inch strips with the rotary cutter. I then set the ruffler to ruffle to a factor of about 5, and ruffled the 2" strips onto 2 of the 6" strips. It was really time consuming because the edges of the two strips kept trying to stick together. Plus, the ruffler kept on jamming for some unknown reason (DH told me to go up and watch my own video ). I just kept ruffling and ruffling until it looked like the bottom tier would be full enough. Then I attached the bottom tiers to the top tiers, and the top tiers to the waistband.I used a really soft bridal tulle, but I'm really wishing I had gone with chiffon. The ends tend to stick and it just doesn't seem to hang right. Plus, it is too sheer at the top. It is for Louie's little friend Abbey (the cute redhead in the easy-fit and raglan eBooks), and I think it will be fine for photos and play, especially if she wears leggings with it .Anyway, it wasn't overly hard, just very time consuming (I probably have 4 or 5 hours into that one). If you are going to attempt one, make sure that you are very good friends with your ruffler attachment - LOL!


Pearl Jewelry Baby and Children's said...

Yep.. been there, only it took me 7 hours. Way too much work.
I got an amazing one for $59 (less money than I spent on the supplies like the Chiffon, plus paying myself $2 an hour LOL ) As well, I broke jammed the ruffler., and had to get it repaired. That was $40 http://www.PettiskirtStyle.com

teresajoy said...

If anyone doesn't want to try to sew their own, I sell pettiskirts for $50 each.