Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ruffle Socks By 1308Miles

These were posted  by 1309miles on the Dis:

 I used ribbon that is 1.5" in width (but also used 7/8" ribbon...smaller widths tend to flip upward after they are sewn.)

Measure the width of the sock and quadruple it to determine the length of ribbon to use (for example, DDs socks measured 4", so I used 16" of ribbon.)

Find the back of the sock (where the ankle goes) and place a pin there.

Turn the sock inside out and slip it on the free arm of your sewing machine. It should be stretched to about double the width. Be sure that it is stretched enough or else it will be too tight to wear!

Align the edges of the ribbon and the sock.

Pin the ribbon to the sock (begin where you placed the pin at the ankle) wrong side up leaving a 1" length of ribbon hanging.

Zigzag stitch the ribbon to the sock.

Once you have zigzagged around the sock, you should have about 1" on either end hanging freely at the pin you placed at the ankle.

Place those right-sides together and straight stitch those.

Cut the excess and heat seal the edges.

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