Sunday, March 8, 2009

No Armholes Elastic Top Pillowcase Dress

Take the entire width of fabric, cut it to the length you want, subtracting 1/4" from the finished length you would like.
Cut a piece of fabric for the contrasting bottom band 8 1/2" wide.
Fold it length wise, wrong sides together
Sew the contrasting band onto the bottom of the main fabric,
Topstitch the band seam
Sew up the side seam
Fold over the top of the dress 3 1/4" for the casing, press.
Sew 1" from the folded edge,
Stitch another row for 1" from the first to form the elastic casing, leaving a spot open to insert the elastic.
Insert 3/4 inch elastic, adjust to fit the child,
Sew the elastic together
Sew the elastic opening closed
To make the straps, cut four pieces of ribbon about 19" long
Decide where you would like to place the straps and sew them on.
You can then add buttons, ricrac, and other decorations.

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