Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Adding Pictures to the Group Photobucket account

You will need your own personal Photobucket account to add pictures to the Group Album.
Click on this link found in the first post of our thread and put in the password you will also find there.

If you are not signed into your own personal Photobucket account, do so now.
After you sign in, it should take you back to the our Group Album. If not, just put in the address again.
To the left side of the screen, underneath where it says, "Where's This Album": click on "Add to Favorites".
When you log in to your account the next time, there will be a category called "Favorites" on the left side of your personal page screen, our group show up there. Just click it, and VOILA! you are at the group page! (you may have to put the Group password in again)

OK, so now you are all logged in, time to add some pictures to the Group Album!!!
At the top of the page, you should see this:

Fist, decide where you want to transfer your pictures from. If you already have the pictures in your own personal Photobucket account, you can just transfer them to the group account from there.
Click on the dot that says, "My Album"

A list of the albums in your personal account will appear in the drop down window.

Click on the album name where the pictures you want to transfer are located.

Itybitty little thumbnails will appear in the box:

Click on the "+" next to the picture you want to add to the group album (the pictures will stay in your personal account as well)

When you have clicked on every picture you want to add, click "copy files" and wait for the pictures to transfer, very easy!

To Copy the files from your computer, you would just click on "my computer" a pop up will appear allowing you to chose the pictures from your computer.

To select multiple files, hold down the "CTRL" button on your computer.

When you have selected the pictures, click "open"

The pictures will then be transferred to the group album.

You can also move the pictures from a URL, that's pretty simple, so I won't go into detail.

Now that your pictures are on the Group Album, you will need to tag them.(please, pretty please with sugar on top, tag your pictures :-) )

If you look to the left of the main page, you will see a list of tags that we have already made. Try to use the ones that we have already made, if they fit. Such as if you have a Tinkerbell outfit, please use the tag "Tink" instead of making a "Tinkerbell" tag.

If there is no tag for your outfit, feel free to create one that fits.

We are trying to tag the pictures with the character and pattern. If you look at the tags, you look at the list of tags, you will get a feel for what we are doing. Each picture can have up to 20 tags, so feel free to use several.

To actually tag the pictures, Click on "Add Tags & Descriptions" which is just above all the thumbnail pictures. This will open up a new page.Here, you can put a Title, description and tags in. Click on "Click to add Tags"This will pop up only, it will be your picture, and not Heather's ;-):

You will notice a little box over your picture. If you want to tag different parts of your picture with separate tags, just move the box to the part you want to tag. (this is good if you have several different outfits in your picture)

Type in the name of the tag in the box and click "save"
You can then repeat the process until you have added all the tags you want for that picture.
Repeat for the next picture.
At the end of the page, click "Save and Continue"
If you accidentally create a duplicate tag, do to spelling or capitalization differences etc... you can click "remove" next to the tag and retype it.

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